A passwords and credentials manager that is gentle.


  • for small group use (family)


  • mobile client
  • desktop client
  • autofill

Compatible with Vaultwarden/Bitwarden server

Compared with Bitwarden clients:

  • assume just one "collection" in "organization"
  • assume just one "folder" until another is created
  • remove 'master password re-prompt' feature
  • add entry: move 'Ownership' and 'Folder' to a simple group at top.
  • minor UI simplifications
    • edit: username: remove 'generate'
    • edit: hide 'set up TOTP' in the context menu if none of user's entries are yet using it
    • edit: remove/hide 'favourite' if never used; else reduce to a star in top bar
    • edit: move 'folder' to top


  • BW official mobile clients
  • BW official desktop clients
  • Unmaintained but possible interest: faejr/valawarden "Unofficial native Bitwarden client for elementary OS", or forked DenisPalchuk/bitguarden